One year after Man of Steel was released in theaters, and three years after DC’s New 52 hit the the comic book shelves, Michael started the Iconic Superman Facebook page as a place for fans who had been abandoned by Warner Bros and DC. Left with no alternative to the gritty and morally ambiguous reimagining of their hero, and bullied and insulted online by Zack Snyder and Dan DiDio’s new demographic, fans of the traditional Superman flocked to the page, making it an instant success. Soon it spawned Iconic Wonder Woman and Batman pages as well. Once Sierra, from the Citizens of Metropolis podcast, and retired school teacher and lifelong geek Big Al came on board, Michael began planning a podcast of their own.

As a cultural studies scholar, Michael has studied, presented, and taught on the cultural and psychological importance of superheroes as modern mythology. Combining his background with Sierra’s long history of reviewing film, TV, and comics and Big Al’s lifelong knowledge of fandom and geek culture, Iconicast was born! Branching out beyond Superman and the DC trinity, Iconicast covers the importance and stories of characters from DC, Marvel, Image, and others both on the page and screen. Now fans who prefer their superheroes to actually be heroic have a place to celebrate traditional fandom and explore why it resonates so deeply in the social consciousness. Tune in each month for reviews, interviews and more, and always, be iconic!



Sierra is a mother of two gorgeous girls. She loves reading, movies, Superman, baking, knitting, and writing. She has collected over 1500 comic books and scores of superhero t-shirts. It’s a small obsession. Having worked as a teacher’s aide for six years at a small private school, she currently serves as a substitute to spend more time with family and to do more writing. Find out more at sierraangelina77.wordpress.com



Al grew up a fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy as well as a myriad of comic book superheroes. His childhood was spent with Star Trek and Batman, his teenage years with Star Wars and Superman, and his adulthood with The Lord of the Rings, The X-Files and even more Star Trek and Batman—just to name a few.

Al is a graduate of St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. He is a former High School Special Education Paraeducator and is currently retired—or as his friends describe it, a fulltime fan. Follow him on Twitter at @Big_Albowski



As a fiction writer, Michael’s work appears in a growing number of literary magazines and genre anthologies. As a cultural studies scholar, he has presented at academic conferences on the cultural and psychological roles superheroes play in our society. He holds a Bachelors in humanities from the University of Virginia, a Masters degree in literature from James Madison University, and a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing from Spalding University. When not writing or podcasting, he teaches writing, rhetoric and American literature. Find out more at MichaelCritzer.com