Holding Out for a Hero

Duchess of DC (and More!)

Today’s news about Captain America has me in a bit of a funk. With all Marvel has done so right in the cinematic universe, I can’t understand how they could blow it so big in their print stories. Captain  America is an agent of Hydra?! Come again?


Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. Captain America. These heroes were created during dark times in America’s history, not the “good ole days” people often romanticize. The Great Depression, World War II, these were times people needed HOPE. More than someone they could relate to, readers wanted stories that assured them tomorrow would be better, brighter, and that good would prevail. I don’t believe those are outdated concepts of a bye-gone time; they are as necessary today as ever before.

Lately though, it seems the world wants to take that notion away from us. With the Snyderverse making Superman unrecognizable apart from the spit curl…

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