The Last Book I Read

Our very own Sierra with some great thoughts on The Killing Joke. And stay tuned for Michael’s three part analysis on his YouTube channel Professor Geek!

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer


Alan Moore’s, Batman: The Killing Joke. It was actually a re-read; I had read it once before. The subject matter is quite dark and heavy so I hadn’t picked it up in awhile. With the new animated film version of the book coming soon, I decided to read it again. It’s still just as heavy, but I see more in it than last time. A little background first though.

Published as a one-shot graphic novel by DC Comics in 1988, BTKJ, was a groundbreaking story that rocked the continuity of DC Comics in an unprecedented fashion. Writer Alan Moore and artist Brian Bolland changed the game for the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime with a story that made the two characters essentially the same. It also forever changed the character of Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl.

The story speaks to every man having a spark of insanity within him, and all…

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