Welcome to Earth-2 Review- By Brian Fischer
Some spoilers follow. 
Aside from the Easter Eggs we have mentioned here, it is important to note that last nights Flash: Welcome to Earth 2, was one of the strongest episodes of the series. 
Barry’s run to Earth 2 was relatively quick in the episode which didn’t leave us waiting for the change of scenery long, which was nice. 
Taking full advantage of the Earth 2 differences right out of the gate was brilliant. Seeing the 1950’s Art Deco/steam punk setting with its futuristic tech was great, while the settings of Barry’s house and the Police Station remain similar to their Earth-1 counterparts. 
Barry, while taking selfies with Cisco at the beginning, had several emotional moments such as talking with his Earth-2 counterparts mother, seeing other Barry being married to Iris, his confusion as to why Earth-2 Joe hates him, and Earth-1’s Barry feeling duty bound to help his counterpart’s family from Killer Frost and Death Storm. 
Seeing Evil Cisco as Reverb was great. He has taken full advantage of his powers and his interaction with Earth-1 Cisco was fantastic as you could feel the jealousy of Earth-1 Cisco. 
You can tell Danielle Panabaker was waiting for the moment to play Killer Frost. It was obvious she was having fun with it and it was a joy to watch. 
Watching Joe as a lounge singer was really fun, and it was a great twist that he hates his Earth-2 son in law, Barry. 
On the Earth-1 side, Jay, still depowered, is forced to jump into the fray using Velocity 7 to fight Geomancer. The formula fails during the fight prompting Earth-1 Caitlyn to go back to the drawing board to redesign the formula for Jay, most likely leading to the disaster that was Velocity-9 in the comics. The very chemical that would create Jay’s Reverse Flash, The Rival. 
The only disappointment I had with the episode was that we saw the end of Death Storm, Earth-2 Joe, and especially Reverb a little too soon. 
The episode ended on a fantastic cliffhanger leaving the question, how is team Flash going to save the day when the Flash is out of the equation stranded on another Earth? 
Overall, as stated, this is one of the strongest episodes that the series has offered. I would easily give this episode a 9.5 out of 10.

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