Episode 8: Happy Holidays!


Our first ever holiday episode has arrived! We’re thrilled to have the great Chris Meaux from The Big Sheaux with Chris Meaux sit in with us on this episode. He’s a funny and genuinely awesome guy who we hope to have back many more times!

Enjoy recommendations for holiday reading, great moments from your favorite superhero holiday specials, cameos from our previous guests, and fan answers from our iconic page admins!

Download at the following link (right click here) or on iTunes (sometimes it can take a day or two for new episodes to show up in the iTunes store, but if you subscribe to our podcast then check your subscriptions, episode two should be there), or simply use the player below.

Episode Guide

00:00:00  Introduction

Iconic Recommendations

00:03:40   Batman Noel (Michael)

00:15:50    Smallville “Lexmas” (Sierra)

00:27:49   DC Comics Presents #67 (Chris Meaux)

00:39:25    Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman “Season                                Greedings” and “The Night Before Mxymas” (Big Al)

00:49:00   Honorable Mentions

Super Fan Answers

00:50:34    Big Al

00:54:05   Guest Appearance by Mauricio Abril!

00:56:33    Sierra

00:59:56    Guest Appearance by Brett Culp!

01:03:49    Chris Meaux

01:07:56    Guest Appearance from our page admins: Brian, Chris, and Ben!

01:10:25     Michael

01:12:22    Thanks yous!

Check out The Big Sheax with Chris Meaux on itunes and podbean!

“Hooray for Santa Claus” by Roy Alfred and Milton Delugg from Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Jalor Productions (1964)

Don’t forget our YouTube channel here.

Happy Holidays!

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