Who is Wonder Woman?

Sierra reviews Heinberg and the Dodson’s Who is Wonder Woman

Duchess of DC (and More!)

Who is Wonder Woman? written by Allan Heinberg and illustrated by Terry & Rachel Dodson, turned out to be one of the best Wonder Woman stories I’ve read in awhile. Granted, it’s an older story, but I had yet to read it and finally got to this weekend.

Heinberg shows us Diana’s conflict with resolving all of the paradoxes she embodies. The events take place after Infinite Crisis, and her fateful encounter with Maxwell Lord, and after 52. Diana cannot reconcile her own mission to bring peace after she has murdered a man, and surrenders her Wonder Woman title and duties to Donna Troy, ultimately taking a position undercover as Diana Prince at the Department of Metahuman Affairs.

In her secret identity, she faces off against a number of her greatest rogues (and even more later on). Villains who have long been neglected, even forgotten, grace the pages of this…

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